Why Rent a Luxury Restroom Trailer

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury restroom trailers are perfect for your next event. These trailers come equipped with everything you need, from a private bath to luxurious finishes. With plenty of space and amenities, these trailers will make your guests feel like celebrities. Whether you’re hosting a luxury cruise or an extravagant gala, our restroom trailers will make your event shine.

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

These luxury restroom trailers are perfect for large weddings, corporate events, small concerts, sporting events, races & charity walks and many other types of events where a luxury restroom experience is required. Our portable restroom(s) are heated or cooled with air conditioning which makes them suitable for most seasons throughout the year.

Porcelain Fixtures

Your luxury restroom trailers come equipped with top-of-the-line fixtures. From beautiful porcelain to luxurious wood cabinets, each trailer is equipped with solid surface countertops, beautiful porcelain fixtures, and a large country mirror to complement the interior. Each trailer has private bathrooms with high-quality porcelain toilets and urinals. Our luxury portable toilets are enclosed in a private stall, and porcelain urinals are partitioned for added privacy. Other porous materials allow liquid and bacteria in, but porcelain is impervious to both, allowing us to keep the portable restroom trailer sanitary and dry.

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

Hot / Cold Running Water & Climate Control

Beyond the luxury look of our portable restroom trailers, they are fitted with heating, air conditioning, and variable temperature hot water on demand. These added amenities are welcome at any event, especially during events that have extreme heat, humidity or cooler weather. The climate-controlled luxury restroom trailer can be set to whatever temperature you and your guests desire.

Meticulous Cleaning, Inspections, and Placement

Our technicians have strict attention to detail when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting our luxury portable restroom trailers. All of our luxury portable restrooms come with curbside delivery, pick-up, and service. Our team of professionals have years of experience in placing and removing our luxury restroom trailers as well as finding an optimal spot for our crew to service it without disrupting your guests, staff or event. You can feel confident in renting one of our luxury portable restroom trailers for your wedding or event.

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

What are the benefits of a luxury restroom trailer?

From premium fixtures and climate control to meticulous cleaning, luxury restroom trailers offer an unexpectedly enjoyable experience that rivals that of interior restrooms. With private bathrooms and porcelain toilets, these trailers provide a sanitary and dry space for your guests. Luxury restroom trailer rentals offer a more unique experience that you can’t get from renting porta-potties. Our luxury trailers have separate entrances for men and women which is perfect for wedding mobile restroom trailers.

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

Is there any maintenance required for these types of restrooms?

In most cases, there is no maintenance during your event. If the luxury restroom trailer is at your location for an extended period of time, there will be a maintenance of pumping the tanks. This is different than porta potties. Porta potties don’t have large tanks or flushable toilets. Our luxury restroom trailers have separate stalls, climate control, porcelain urinals and other features.

VT Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury Restroom Trailer Availability:

Our luxury restroom trailers, deluxe portable toilets, and port-potties are available for events anywhere in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts or beyond. Inventory varies by location and availability. We look forward to talking with you about your wedding or special event.

Choose The Perfect Restroom Trailer For Your Next Event

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Four station luxury restroom trailer perfect for the bride and the groom and guests.

Deluxe Portable Toilet Trailer

Two restrooms, two wash stations deluxe portable toilet trailer.

ADA/Handicap Portable Toilet

One person handicap portable toilets with handrails and extra space.

Fresh Water Sink Stations

Portable fresh water hand washing station with sink, soap dispenser and paper towels.

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