5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Renting A Luxury Restroom Trailers

So you have heard about Luxury Restroom Trailers, but you still have a lot of questions. Are they really that luxurious? Are they worth the cost to rent? How many will luxury restroom trailers will I need? Will my guests be impressed? When should I expect delivery for my luxury restroom trailer? Here are some of the top questions that we have gotten from customers when inquiring about luxury portable restrooms.

luxury restroom trailer

Popular Amenities In A Portable Restroom Trailer

The main reason why people don’t like porta-potties is that they consider them gross. They often smell or look unhygienic. This often is not the case, but that is the common perception about porta-potties. You won’t hear those types of comments when it comes to luxury portable restroom trailers. Why? Because luxury restrooms have flushing toilets, air conditioning, separate entrances, are climate controlled, are spacious, and have many other features. The sinks and toilets are made of porcelain which don’t hold smelly and stains. They have flushable toilets, sinks with running water, hand soap dispensers, elegant lighting, and of course, hot water and climate control.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury Restroom Trailers Have Elegant Finishes

On top of the many functional features like a home bathroom, they also have a lot of finishes that make them feel elegant and luxurious. Some of the finishes that you’ll find in a luxury restroom trailer are wooden cabinets, old-fashioned lighting, large glass mirrors, handing wall art, spacious solid surface countertops and faux flowers. These are the things that typically impress guests at events or weddings. It provides all the comforts in a restroom that is perfect for large weddings, a small wedding, or special events.

Aesthetic Appeal For Your Special Event

Luxury restroom trailers look really nice parked at any event. You will see them at outdoor weddings and corporate events because they can accommodate many guests. Often these luxury restroom trailers can service more than 150 guests at any one event. This is one of the many reasons why these luxury restrooms are the number one choice for weddings and black tie events and sporting events. Unlike a bank of porta-potties, luxury restroom trailers don’t draw attention to themselves. They are more subtle and blend into their surroundings.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Cleanliness Is Better In Portable Restroom Trailers

Luxury restroom trailers that are designed as mobile restrooms for your outdoor event offer privy chambers, easy access, quick pick up, air conditioning, running water, climate-controlled air-conditioned and are well maintained for cleanliness and disinfecting. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained after every event. Guest feel that a restroom trailer is cleaner over a porta-potty because they have access to flushing toilets, urinals and running water for washing hands.

What Happens After We Book Our Luxury Portable Restrooms?

Once you have rented your luxury restroom trailer, we strive to provide amazing customer service every time so you don’t have to wait. We will contact you about delivery of your restroom trailer. All of our luxury restroom trailers are delivered to our customers so we can find the perfect spot to place the trailer and allow your guests to use the restrooms without walking to far or intruding on your event if we need to service the trailer. Our trailers are inspected before and after each event to insure they are ready on the date that you have for your event. Our team of experts will set up the luxury restroom trailer, test the sinks, urinals, toilets, soap dispensers, or heat to make sure everything is perfect.

Choose The Perfect Restroom Trailer For Your Next Event

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Four station luxury restroom trailer perfect for the bride and the groom and guests.

Deluxe Portable Toilet Trailer

Two restrooms, two wash stations deluxe portable toilet trailer.

ADA/Handicap Portable Toilet

One person handicap portable toilets with handrails and extra space.

Fresh Water Sink Stations

Portable fresh water hand washing station with sink, soap dispenser and paper towels.

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